Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I was late coming from work today, that and the fact the gas people were in Migrant Alley surveying (again) and sticking little red flags along the pipeline route, meant there wasn't much point in walking my patch. So I indulged myself by sitting and watching the birds at my garden feeder, no counting, no stats just watching and taking lots of pics. Well I did count a little bit! 17 species came in, and the first SISKIN to come to the garden this autumn were seen, also a LITTLE OWL called from one of the large gardens adjacent to mine, the first recorded this month.
Below are some of the pics I took, in the hour before dusk fell. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Above: Back end of a COAL TIT.
Above and below CHAFFINCH, Male below Female above.

Below is a feeder full of finch's The top two are GOLDFINCH the rest are GREENFINCH
Below is a smart Male Greenfinch

Below are 3 pics of GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, all with rings on. The top bird is a male. (Red spot on back of head) the bottom bird is a female.


Above and Below BLUE TITS


Below : A mixture of Goldfinch and Greenfinch
Below: A NUTHATCH, Blue Tit, Chaffinch on the wing and the green blurr to the left is a Greenfinch


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

lovely photo's Warren. Well done withe Little owl!

Adam said...

Great selection on the feeders - did all the species take some time to come in. I've had my feeders up for 2 weeks - got a lot of interest from lass common species on Day 2 (associated with a cold night), including a Yellowhammer, Coal Tit and Goldfinches, but ever since the House Sparrows have taken over, with an occasional Greenfinch. Any suggestions on how to get a variety of species? PS. I've got 3 feeders; 1x seed mix, 2x Peanuts, located on a wooden post back of garden next to tree/leylandii hedge, backing onto playing fileds then open countryside.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Adam. A great variety of birds there. If only i could get as much on my feeders. And yes, i enjoyed seeing the photo`s Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Gald you all enjoyed the garden birds, thanks for commenting.
My feeders have been up for 9 years now, so all the local birds know where to come! If you have finch's and Tits in your area, I would suggest sunflower hearts, they are quite expensive, but they do the job. In fact all the species that come in my garden take the sunflower hearts. I also put out a small amount of peanuts in a long mesh feeder, and some suet blocks. Try to put the feeders in some sort of cover, so they can escape the Sprawks / cats. A good tip is to keep the food fresh, if the peanuts have'nt gone in a month, chuck 'em on the floor, I don't keep the hearts in the feeders for more than a week, you'll get to know, in time, how much to put out, so as not to let it sit in the feeders for to long,don't stop feeding, put out food all year round, spread the different feeders about, so as to give different birds a chance, in time you'll get all the local birds in, and some nice drop-ins too. Another good tip is to make a shallow water feature.
Well I hope some of my tips work mate, but most of all, have patience! (and keep looking!!)

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Fine collection Warren, nice woody shots.

Ken said...

I agree with you Warren. The best all round food that I put out for the birds is the sunflower hearts. I wish my full feeder would last a week. Apart from the Great Spotted Woodpecker,it seems like every species in my garden can't get enough of them.Your right, they are dear, but there is no waste. what the passerines don't eat on the ground,the Doves and Pigeons do. I have a tip for anyone who wants to feed the Tits whole nuts. If you cannot afford the transparent feeder with the domed top,like for mealworms,go to a garden centre and buy 2 plastic see through flowerpot bases, 1 larger than the other, and a piece of dowling.Reverse the larger 1 for the roof to keep the food dry.Cut the dowling to the desired length. Make a hole in the centre of each tray.Screw the smaller bottom tray to it, and secure the larger top tray to the dowling with a large cup hook.Then put a few holes in each tray to let any water run out(If you cannot drill them use, a hot scewer) You then have a feeder for whole nuts, and I guarentee it works, as my Tits have been taking nuts away to eat at their leisure for's a great winter feeder for...excuse the pun "Peanuts"

Newton Stringer said...

Hey Warren I'll swop you one of my waxwings for a marsh tit or nuthatch !! Both of those would be a patch tick for me....

Great blog, good to see another dedicated patcher... keep up the good work.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Thanks for the great photos of your yard birds. Your photos of the birds always put a smile on my face. Thanks for all the names, it really helps when you I see your count to put them as a picture in my mind. That woodpecker of your is really special with the red belly and the white spotted wings.

Tony Morris said...

Dead envious of the Marsh Tit, not on my garden list here.