Thursday, 20 November 2008

This afternoon there were a few birds about, notably GOLDCRESTS, I found at least a dozen on my walk, mostly in pairs, but a threesome were found by the lakeside scrub. The lake itself had a GREY HERON fishing on it, and 3 CORMORANT, as well as the usual MALLARDS and MOORHENS. A couple of BULLFINCH were calling from the scrubby orchard adjacent the lake, whilst above, a SPARROWHAWK circled over, sending out at least a dozen SISKIN that were feeding in a nearby Alder tree.
I cut through the tree nursery, and went on to Migrant Alley. A Large mixed corvid flock of at least 350 birds, again mostly ROOKS but there must have been 100 Jackdaws as well, at one point they all took of and settled on the power lines. I noted that the whole top power line was full of birds, from one pylon to the next, a distance of 250m, even at 2 birds a meter this suggests over 500 birds! In the stubbles 19 SKYLARK flew up, and as I walked the perimeter of the field, 11 LINNETS were seen and at least 12 MEADOW PIPITS, most of all however, were a flock of at least 120 PIED WAGTAILS. I counted 84, but couldn't see over the ridge, where there were more feeding, another SPARROWHAWK flushed them all up, and they went over onto the greenhouse rooves. I stayed around for another half hour, but nothing more of note turned up, and the gloom ended proceedings.

Above and below: One of the Goldcrest seen today. For those of you not familiar with this bird, it is britains smallest bird, at only around 9cm from tip of tail, to point of bill.
Below: A Pied Wagtail, in the now mown Maize stubbles.

Above is the first Sparrowhawk, which flew over the lake area. Below is the second one that flew over the stubbles.
Below is a photo of a section of the Pied Wagtail flock, I couldn't get them all in the frame. You may have to click on the pic. and enlarge it.
Below are some of the Rooks and Jacdaws on the power line. They were spread out at this density right along from one pylon to the next, with still more in the sky. Again I couldn't get the whole line in the frame.

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