Saturday, 8 November 2008

The forcast was for rain today, but not until later this afternoon - by 9.00am it was raining, useless local weather presenters, all T**ts and legs! Also, I had to limp around my patch today, as last night I stubbed my little toe against the door!
Anyway, gripes over. While it was dry, early on, things looked promising, the BARN OWL was at roost, and a few flocks of REDWING and FIELDFARE flew over the tree nursery, some coming down to feed on hawthorn berries over at migrant alley. Also flying over were quite a large number of WOODPIGEON, these birds were all headed north, strange, after watching them all go south a week or so ago, perhaps they are different birds? As I passed the maize stubbles at migrant alley, the usual PIED WAGTAILS, MEADOW PIPITS, LINNETS and SKYLARKS were all present, although there were only 8 Linnet seen. The College grounds and gardens were quite productive for seeing some common birds, and I entertained the idea of finding a Waxwing feeding on some of the Berried shrubs, but only fleetingly! A flock of 60+ SISKIN were feeding in some alders there though. The rain started as I left the college grounds, and I made my way back through the stubbles and greenhouse area, looking up I saw a new species for the month, 3 GREY LAG GEESE flew low over Migrant Alley, 58 species for the month, and a new November record. A REED BUNTING was calling from hedge separating the greenhouses from the stubbles, always a good species to see here.
Despite the rain getting heavier, I thought I would go over to the lake, via the wet woods. I needed have worried about missing anything good, as all that was seen on the lake was a GREY HERON. Coming back through the woods, I located the feeding flock of Tits again. There must have been 50+ birds easily, it was difficult for an exact count of the individual species, as they breezed past me, not stopping, but I reckon at least 20 LONG TAILED Tits were present with the GREAT and BLUE TITS, at least one of the two MARSH TITS, a TREEREEPER and a few GOLDCRESTS.
44 species recorded for the day, is a fair total, with 3 more added from the garden feeders, NUTHATCH, COAL TIT and that pesky SPARROWHAWK!

Above and below: A Treecreeper, photographed in the College grounds.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I don't for one minute think the red wine and the stubbing of the little toe were connected .
By the way , there is only one * in T*ts .

John Young said...

I'm with you on the rubbish weather forecasters. I tend to go with the pressure maps and make my own judgement. Even in the bad weather, you still managed to see some nice species and enjoyed the photos of the treecreeper.

Anonymous said...

Warren, I also get a lot of Woodpigeons moving N at first light at this time of year. They`re are also seen returning S prior to dusk. So they must be too`ing & fro`ing between roosting & feeding sites.

Steve said...

Nice treecreeper shots Warren - nice flock of Siskin you have as well by the sounds of it

fishing guy said...

Warren: That is a neat bird, it is one we don't get to see. Treecreeper; what a great name, probably because it creeps around the tree.