Sunday, 9 March 2008

Back out on my patch today, in ideal conditions, cloudy and still. 22 species were picked up before getting to the end of Ashes lane, mostly common resident songbirds, but there was a GREY HERON feeding in the field of cereal. The golf course had 2 GREY LAG GEESE, as well as 40-50 REDWING and 20 or so FIELDFARE. The ''proper'' hedgerow there had small numbers of GREEN and GOLDFINCH in it.The Hawthorne has really greened up in places.
At the lake it was quiet, just a few MALLARD and MOORHEN, and a CORMORANT. Nothing but GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS in the wet woods, but along the walk a little futher 2 pairs of teal flew up from the drainage pool.
Migrant alley provided my excitement for the day, with a RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE, (68) it also gave a few calls, just to remind me what they sound like. Its always nice to get a new bird on to the year list. 77 Fieldfare, at least, and 30 Redwing fed in the manured field and the stream behind the college had 2 SISKIN feeding in the over hanging alders. (also had 3 males at the feeders around noon) 46 species were recorded, but no sign of the spring migrants yet.

Red Legged Partridge - A real bonus bird on my patch. It occurs less than anually.
Male Greenfinch

These two Grey Lag Geese flew over early on

The blossom of the Blackthorn was giving off a wonderful, heavy scent

I didn't want to leave!!


Simon said...

Welldone with RLPartridge Warren.

thepowerguides said...

we seem to be a long way off from the spring birds have not even seen purple martin scouts yet this year they tend to come up scouting early march suspect it may be a month before we see the scouts and another month before we see the martins


Mike said...

Nice one Warren RL Partridges are stunning looking, haven't got close enough to photograph one yet, just another excuse to keep going out. Mike.

Warren Baker said...

about time you made a patch visit? :-)

Do you keep first obsevation records ? I find it quite fascinating to find an average arrival date for the various species.

If you can get near enough to photo a Bullfinch, RLP should be a doddle!!