Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back to work today, and the weather was bright, sunny and mild, with little wind - typical!! At migrant alley, all but ten FIELDFARE had gone, is this it, have they decided to go north ? There were a few REDWING at the college sports ground, that backs on to migrant alley, and a few more in the campus gardens, also here, were a pair of GOLDCREST, one singing loudly.
The walk bak home was quiet, the same Goldcrest was still singing, and at migrant alley 20 BLACKHEADED GULLS were among the Lambs.
At 2pm I went for a ramble through the wet woods, where the first bluebells were opening their purple blue flowers, and on to the lake area, which was completely devoid of any birds. the gardener of the large house was using a chainsaw, this might of had something to do with it!
I cut across the tree nursery, where the ongoing work was still disturbing everything, and went back to migrant alley for a 'sit and wait' session. This produced 3 GREY HERON, 2 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, 18 STOCK DOVES, 2 CORMORANT and the usual corvids. Its still a little early for Swallows, and Martins, but you never know!
When I got home I found that a MISTLE THRUSH had built a nest in a Leylandi type tree, right above my front door, lets hope the squirrels don't find it, i'll keep you posted.

Male Blackbird. Probably one of last years offspring, note the brownish coloured primaries

The Bluebells in the wet woods have started to open up.

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Travis said...

Sorry it took me so long to check this out. Beautiful shot there. That certainly means spring is coming.