Tuesday, 18 March 2008

It was chilly and dull this am, with a light N/W breeze, but as I walked to work there were still plenty of birds singing, DUNNOCK, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRD, WREN, ROBIN, MISTLETHRUSH and GOLDCREST were all heard as I walked from my house, to the stile at Ashes lane, that leads into migrant alley, a distance of around 200m. A CHIFFCHAFF called from the hedgerow as I passed, and two GREY LAG GEESE flew over.

Ashes Lane

I crossed the sheep pasture, and scanned for the wheatears, but I didn't see any, but there were around 100 FIELDFARE in an adjacent horse paddock, and a GREY WAGTAIL fed on a large dung pile. In the college grounds 20 or so REDWING were feeding on the lawns and under the shrubs, also a Chiffchaff flew from a fir tree to the stream.

This afternoon I only had an hour, so i went to check on the WHEATEAR again, I was pleased to find one, and maybe the other one was around but I couldn't see it. The field is quite large, and time was pressing. A flock of 33 BLACK HEADED GULLS flew over and a single SKYLARK sang over the manured field, but I had to leave, just as well really as the wind was blowing across the exposed fields, making it feel quite cold.

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