Friday, 21 March 2008

The Easter break is here at last, and 4 mornings of patch watching lie ahead. However the weather did its best to break my enthusiasm, just 20 mins after leaving the house this morning, a hefty rain/hail shower had me running for cover, and the biting N'W wind was relentless during the 4hrs I spent out in the field.
It was apparent that the winter thrushes had increased during the night, on the golf course there was a minimum of 150 birds, mostly FIELDFARE, but also around 40 REDWING. A lone GEY LAG GOOSE was also there. On to to lake area and the LITTLE GREBE was easily seen, and a CORMORANT flew over, but there was nothing else of note there. At least one pair of TEAL were in the wet woods, and NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER were all vocal.
Migrant alley was crammed with birds, Mostly STARLING (around 300min) but also FIELDFARE (200min) REDWING (50min) a couple of LINNETS, 3 0r 4 SKYLARK , 4 PIED WAGTAIL and a lone YELLOWHAMMER. I sat, sheltering from the wind, behind a hedgerow and watched over the area for any signs of spring migrants, none appeared, but a large female SPARROWHAWK went over causing all the birds to fly up in panic, and 3 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL also went over.
48 species were recorded today, a pleasing total given the conditions, but nothing new for the year, or month was seen - i'm still trying to find the first Kestrel for March.


Mainly Starlings fly up at migrant alley

Fieldfare, Redwing, and Starlings. Just a small part of the feeding flock on the manured field

Everyone for themselves!! A sparrowhawk puts everything up.

Pied Wagtail also at migrant alley
Grey Lag Goose at the golf course


Tony Morris said...

Fantastic flock of Fieldfares. At this time of year it's worth listening out for them singing, especially if you know where they roost.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

You certainly have some incredibly beautiful and unique birds. I love seeing what's out there in various parts of the country. Great shots, thanks!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...
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Steve said...

just catching up with your posts warren....worth looking out for white wagtails in migrant alley at the moment