Thursday, 20 March 2008

Dismal! That sums up this afternoon, cold, windy and raining. The only thing to do on an afternoon like that, is sit at the window at watch the garden. Mind you not a lot was tempted in, a dozen CHAFFINCH, 5 GREENFINCH, 4 GOLDFINCH all enjoyed the sunflower hearts, and the usual species fed from the spillages, DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD, ROBIN and up to 8 COLLARED DOVES. There seemed to be fewer Tits about, just a peak of 5 BLUE TIT and 3 GREAT TIT. STARLING was represented by a solitary bird that came and went within seconds and not a single House Sparrow came in. A GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER spent most of the afternoon clinging to the nutfeeder, a pair of NUTHATCH visited, 3 WOODPIGEON and a MAGPIE, the best bird was a SISKIN that came and fed from the sunflower hearts. 9 species were noted in the vacinity of the garden or flying over, BLACK HEADED GULL and HERRING GULL went S/W and ROOKS were seen at the rookery, the most unusual sighting was a pair of MOORHEN that fed in a field adjacent to the wet woods, only the second sighting of this species from my house in 8 years!

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