Monday, 10 March 2008

Today was a virtual write off, with heavy rain and strong gales. I wimped out of the morning walk, and got a lift to work, but I did walk home. Needless to say there was little showing. As I got to the pasture and paddocks at migrant alley, I was met by a wall of horizontal water, I did manage to see a group of 40 or so BLACK HEADED GULLS, but I couldn't scan them, my binocular lenses were soaked. There were also good numbers of STARLING, at least 200, with a min. of 75 - 100 FIELDFARE. I didn't hang around long -I was drenched!.
A brief view in the garden was not exciting, as very little feeding was going on in the stormy conditions.


Mike said...

I'm surprised you stayed around long enough to see anything, weather looks pretty bad down your neck of the woods. Mike.

Warren Baker said...

it was quite a blow! winds were blasting the rain across the fields, and it seemed like the end of the world! however a lone Skylark still managed to fly up and deliver a perfect rendition, what a gutsy character.

Kingsdowner said...

Very stoic of you! Interesting to see gulls and cormorants flying sideways today.