Monday, 17 March 2008

I left 10mins earlier for work this morning, to give me time to scan the fields at migrant alley. A good decision, as I relocated 2 of the 3 WHEATEAR that were found on saturday morning. I also saw a flock of at least 75 FIELDFARE on the college sports field, and 6 REDWING were feeding around the college grounds.
My afternoon was spent at migrant alley, trying to get some more pics of the migrant Wheatears, and I did get some, but the light was poor. There were also lots of ROOKS about. They follow the lambs, waiting for their tails to drop off, they make a tasty snack! I also saw a pair of BULLFINCH in the hedgerow at Ashes lane, not normally a place I see them, and a pair of LONG TAILED TITS were seen carrying nest material a little further on, spring is definately on its way!



Rook In Flight


Mike said...

Hi Warren, nice to see the Wheatear perched on the wood, I have only ever seen them in fields running low to the ground. Mike

Simon said...

Good to hear the Wheatear are still around. I might try and spot them on Wednesday when I'm at the college.

Warren Baker said...

The Wheatear seem to perch more in the Autumn than the spring, they are in more of a hurry in the spring.

Simon, let me know if you see anything good

Steve said...

Nice pictures of Wheatear Warren - I wonder what goodies await over the next few weeks. I don't keep first and last dates, in fact i am really poor with my record keeping - my blog was partly as a response to that, trying to at least keep a basic record. I am up to 74 species for the year so far I had a quick tot up!

Simon said...

Couldn't find the Wheatears. Was working outside the wood workshops for about 5 hours during the morning, had some good birds fly over. First a Sparrowhawk, then a lone Golden Plover, then a small group of Linnets, and then a Brambling. Surprising what you see when you stay in one place!

Warren Baker said...

Some good sightings flying over! The college is under, what I believe to be, a migration flyway, which extends out over migrant alley. Your right in saying its surprising what you see if you stay in the same place, I sit and watch this skyscape regularly - sorry I missed the Golden Plover though!!