Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Today was almost a replica of yesterday, weatherwise - a cold wind and warm sunshine. The birdlife hadn't changed much either. The mixed winter thrush flock were putting on weight for thier soon to be made journey north. Looking back at the past 5 springs, my records show, that the average last date recorded on my patch, for FIELDFARE, is the 27 March. For REDWING its the 31 March. The latest date recorded for them, is the 3rd and 21st April respectively.

This HERRING GULL flew over migrant alley folllowed by a Lesser Black Backed Gull
You can just see a few of the mixed flock of REDWING, FIELDFARE and STARLING

Another (not very good)view of the Thrushes, looking at the place where I took yesterdays pic of the field

I took this pic to show the extent of my reedmace habitat - thats it! I did have a migrant Sedge Warbler in it last year!

This old shack is in the tree nursery, it used to be covered in bramble and elder. The small piece of green to the left of it was also a bramble patch, Whitethroat nested here last year. Now its all beed destroyed, and the shack is to be pulled down, this is to get rid of the rabbits! yea, right that will work then.............IDIOTS.
The first SPARROWHAWK of the month were seen today, a pair were over my patch all afternoon, with some display going on. Other than that, not a lot to report today, still awaiting the first spring migrants.

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