Saturday, 22 March 2008

Some of the flock of Fieldfare, Redwing and Starling, at the golfcourse today.The first and last pic taken, thereafter conditions just got worse. Look at the flag pole!

I thought yesterday was a difficult day for birding, but it was much worse today. The wind had gone round to a more N direction, and the rain was blasted into drizzle size drops by the gale. My Camera and bins quickly became unuseable. At the halfway stage of my walk, I gave up for half an hour or so, but I re-armed myself with better winter clothes and headed of out again for a look at migrant alley. it was worth the effort just to see all the FIELDFARE, REDWING and STARLING, they were swarmed all over the fields, I would estimate over a thousand birds were there. I tried to count them but the wind was just too much, and the birds were very flighty. Also on the sheep pasture were 49 BLACK HEADED GULL, I checked each one, trying to make one into a Med. Gull but it wasn't there. However a first for the month was discovered among them, when 3 COMMON GULL dropped in. The odd SKYLARK was seen, as was a MEADOW PIPIT, a few PIED WAGTAIL and a flock of 18 STOCK DOVE. 44 species were noted in all this morning, but in the end, the wind and rain defeated me, and a mug of hot tea became more and more appealing especially so, as the next heavy shower blasted itsway across the fields.

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