Monday, 3 March 2008

Winter tried to halt the spring progress today, but made little impression, the wind was keen, and had a northerly element, but once out of it, the sun is high enough in the sky now, to more than offset the chill.
So it was, that I walked to work, cold in the wind and warm in the sun, as I crossed the pasture and paddocks at migrant alley, about 7:10am the winter thrushes were already starting to gather there. I left them to there feeding and walked on through Hadlow College grounds, GOLDCREST, SONGTHRUSH, CHAFFINCH, DUNNOCK and a few more of the resident song birds were in good voice, and made a monday morning a little easier to bear.
On the way back I noticed the pasture and paddocks had emptied, just 20 FEIDFARE flew overhead, someone must have disturbed them! I got in, grabbed a sandwich and a mug of tea, and as I sipped my brew, I looked over the garden and found another (or the same) BRAMBLING, which allowed me to photograph it. Now I had to decide - garden watch or out on the patch. I decided on the latter, but regretted it, the lake and woods were all but empty, and a quick look over at Migrant alley to see if the FIELDFARE had returned was only partly successful, around 150 or so were there but they were a long way off, then a hail shower sent me scuttling back home!
With a couple of hours daylight left, I watched the garden and surrounding area. Of the 10 species seen in the vacinity of, or flying over the garden, were a couple new for the month - 3 LINNET sat in one of the nieghbours trees, and in the distance, over the weald a pair of BUZZARDS soared.

Brambling again

This forsythia was out in full bloom at the lake area.

The Manured pasture at migrant alley, the green field at the top of the pic held about 150 FIELDFARE

Another shot of migrant alley. Looking roughly south east.


Mike said...

Hi Warren, Nice brambling shot, I now see what attracts you to migrant alley, although it must be very hard to keep walking in the work direction and not stay there instead, shame we have bills hey. nice post Mike.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. I am hoping that ''Migrant Alley'' lives up to its name, in a couple of weeks I anticipate the first Wheatear, or maybe later a Whinchat or Yellow Wag. You're right it is a big temptation to just sit and watch, rather than go on to work!!

Old Buzzard said...

Yes - nice Brambling shot - and your Forsythia is much further on than ours - we probably have ~10% of the flowers out, and with the return to the cold weather I imagine it won't put many more on for a while yet. Still - at least we can see the sparrows queueing up fr the sunflower seeds.

Simon said...

Super Brambling photo!

Tony Morris said...

Great Brambling, despite everyone saying it's a good year for them I still haven't seen one in the garden this year and can't find any around here.