Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Now we're into march, the focus of my afternoon walks, turns from the wet woods and lake area, and more to the hedges, fields and college grounds, that may attract an early migrant. This afternoon, in the sunshine I sat in migrant alley, watching the fields and sky, but all the winter thrushes had gone, not north for the spring, but scared off by a constant stream of clip-board-armed students, roaming around the fields studying whatever it was they were out there for! Oh well, there was always the sky, and this proved quite rewarding. Apart from the usual ROOK, JACKDAW, CARRION CROW and STARLING I also got PIEDWAGTAIL, LINNET, SKYLARK, MISTLE THRUSH, STOCK DOVE and MALLARD, but best of all was a group of 4 BUZZARD. They were very high up, not visible with the naked eye. I followed 2 coming in from the north of my patch, which were then intercepted by another 2, they soared high over me jousting and generally enjoying the thermals, great to watch! I tried to get a pic but the camera wouldn't focus against the blue sky.
I noticed how dry everything was now becoming, we've had no appreciable rain here for weeks, I was able to walk round in my trainers without getting them dirty! Come on rain, the martins will need the mud for there nest building! Lots of Bumble bees about today.

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