Sunday, 2 March 2008

The wind had dropped a bit this morning, so I carried out the monthly bird count today. Almost 2000 birds were recorded, over half of which were the 600+ STARLING flock, feeding with the 400+ FIELDFARE flock and the 90 REDWINGS, all at migrant alley. It was quite something to see them all in the air when something spooked them. Other good counts were 25 ROBIN, 34 BLACKBIRD, 34 BLUE TIT, and 8 GOLDCREST. A lone BRAMBLING was observed,calling from the very top of a large oak - the first recorded away from the garden this year. The LITTLE GREBE was at the lake area, along with a KINGFISHER that flew over my head. In all, a total of 46 species were recorded, 5 of which were not seen yesterday, bringing the March total to 49, a reasonable start to the month.

A half hour skywatching, and 3 MALLARD flew low over
Its that black PHEASANT again! This time it was headed for the golf course, almost 1km away from the college, where it was last seen.


Mike said...

Nice one Warren, Migrant alley sounds amazing, you should post more pictures from it.
Cheers, Mike.

thepowerguides said...

I love the black pheasant pretty cool photo

Steve From
The Power Bird Watchers Guide

Warren Baker said...

Hello again mike,
Yes ''migrant alley'' is a remarkable place, considering it has no real habitat, it seems to be a flyway for migrants. (see what I can do about pics)

Thanks for the comment on the pheasant steve. It is a real wierd bird, purple and blue up close!