Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Heavy blustery showers meant a late start to todays patch visit, which proved pretty futile in the gales that followed the rain.

A couple of visits to Migrant Alley were made either side of midday, plus a couple of attempts at a skywatch were had, but the wind made things very difficult, most birds stayed in cover, their songs and calls, if made, were completely obliterated by the roar of the gusty wind. I didn't even go to the Woods or lakes!

In a very disappointing day, the best of what I recorded was, a single flyover SWIFT, a couple of flyover HOUSE MARTINS, a single BUZZARD and the male KESTREL, all moving at 850mph! There were at least 34 LINNETS on one of the paddocks, with a party of 13 STARLINGS, it's unusual to see these species flocking at this time of year, at least, it is here.

Tomorrow looks to be just as windy, with gale force gusts and heavy showers, looks like spring is on hold...........again!

No pics today i'm afraid  :-(


Derek Faulkner said...

I wonder how many Rooks nests have been blown out of trees.

Wilma said...

You just can't catch a break! At least not for long. Hope you get more seasonable conditions soon.

Warren Baker said...

The Rooks here are just about to fledge, so they may be fortunate.......

Warren Baker said...

It is so frustrating!!