Sunday 31 May 2015


Another quick update from Wales.
With the weather turning wet and windy today, we took drive around the reservoirs at Elan this morning, picking up some interesting species as we slowly made our way around the mountain roads, species such as WHINCHAT, WHEATEAR, SNIPE, SANDMARTIN, REDSTART, PIED and SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were all observed.

This afternoon, the skies cleared, so a return to the Gilfach Nature Reserve was decided upon, one of our favoured reserves  :-) The target species today was DIPPER, which we found a pair of feeding a nest full of young, which enabled some photo's to be taken. I'll post one for now, as the computer i'm working on is rubbish for blogging and editing photo's!

The wales bird species list creeps along to 69, the target being 100  :-)



Johnnykinson said...

Off to a nice start i see. Can't think you get too many Dippers in Kent. You're not missing too much weather wise here. Today (Sun) has been wet n windy. Just like i'm used to at home. Onev of the lads tweeted for me to bring the nice weather back with me......HAH, nice weather ?????

Mike Gould said...

Nice photo Warren, Gilfach is a great place although we didn't close to dippers like you have. Keep up the good work and pray for no rain!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

There was a golden eagle floating around that part of Wales a while ago - not sure if it's still around or if you could count it.
Have fun



Wilma said...

Nice one!